Grog make new art

grog make dadist/performance art. make art show. MAKE ART SHOW!

show called
bang head on keybord: a retrospective

here piece called "can't find create art button"

| rhegtuioahgds |
| sdg ysj923u80 |
| 2$897sdahkads |
| %*&YHjksadkla |
| aa./.,./lasjd |
| kalsjdklsdfds |
| |

you like? for sale.

grog art show also include more in series, like:

"stupid computer"
"you want me to do what"
"you can do that in an hour right"
"our budget is getting kinda tight"
"can i have this in blue"
"stupid computer #47"
"no coffee"
"yeah, i'm gonna need you to move your desk again"
"yeah, i;m gonna need you to work on saturday"
"my cubicle is eating me"
"mouse droppings"

watch artforum for show dates and times.


Grog need time off from cave drawing

uh, me no know why t-rex design not producing higher ROI metrics.

* grog

Subject: Re: friday

Grog wake up.
Grog ride harley.
Grog design.
Grog get paid.
Grog go home.
Water from sky fall on Grog.
Grog sleep.

* grog repeat.