found this on our local website, gotta love this town. we have not visited wally-world much this last year, for a very few (I counted 4) one item no-one-else-that-is-open-on-a-sunday-has-it things (like bubble lights for the christmas tree). And the results from these trips... inevitably disappointing, cheap products that don't last for shit, scarily bad customer service and a lingering headache that appears upon entry to the store.

i'm with this writer, with a little forethought, better planning and a willingness to make *gasp* 2 stops in town 2008 will be entirely Wal-Mart free for us. I encourage you all to do the same, believe it our not I think it is easier to do this here than it was in Dallas... at least we HAVE stores that are not chains...

How to Avoid Wal-Mart