ghost rider - stop sucking

no. no. no. no. horrible. no. no. no. Spawn, Punisher, Fantastic Four, Hulk, Gigli. All works of cinematic genius compared to this pile of dog puke. It seems like they skipped the whole re-make process and just lifted the dialog and storyboard straight from the graphic novel. Needless to say apart from the printed page, they loose something, like their not-suckiness. The resulting cinematography, if you can call it that, is as awkward as a newborn fawn with bun-gee chords wrapped around its legs. And the dialog is as worthless as that last metaphor. Tim would even hate this movie.

I want to find who is responsible and do donuts on their lawn with my harley, kick over their mailbox and throw a dead shark through their window.



ted leo and the pharmacists - shake the sheets

uncompromisingly pop and politically savvy. the bar stool politics and philosophy are crafted into a insidiously hook filled tightly produced sound. lots and lots of talent and caffeine involved in this album.

available on:
Ted Leo/Pharmacists - Shake the Sheets



*gulp* grog no want jinx anything but it looks like close on house in march. 5 acres of aspen and old growth pine, good house just remodled. it terrifying.

grog simple caveman brain no understand 100 of the 4000 pages of document gorg read and sign so far, hope they not too important. no expect large charity donations (charles...) from grog for the next... um.... 30 or so years either. If you not bought house yet this may help understand grog terror. take car. take price. multiply by 10. scream.



blue scholars - the long march

this dynamic seattle duo fights top-40-hip-hop-mediocrity with super human rhymes and a utility belt full of beats. A free download of their remix of "Inkwell" with the Modest Mouse track "Float On" can be found here (isn't that nice of them...)
available on:
Blue Scholars - The Long March EP


whirrled news tonight

Grog never watch network news. Soap operas have better reporting and closer to reality. Tonight was an exception: Two stories caught me.

1) Mooninites invades Boston. (and for sale on ebay)
2) Grogs alma mater does good.

(ok... so me tipped off to watch tonight...)