i just caught up on LOST...
if only HBO and showtime would get on itunes i wouldn't need cable...


the hold steady - boys and girls in america

Bruce Springsteen isn't dead. But if he were Craig Finn (lead vocals/lyrics) would be his unfashionable, anachronistic reincarnation. This power-chord infused yet cognizant album is well worth getting into despite (or because of) its essence as the kind of music you can picture the teenage protagonists cranking up in the 6x9's in their Dodge POS and driving down Lake Washington Blvd.
The Hold Steady - Boys and Girls In America



this past weekend grog direct photo shoot, cold photo shoot, very cold photo shoot. The photographer and camera man were from LA and they froze almost as fast as their cameras.

*edit* im not just a newbie to the high was 8 and the low was -1...



junior boys - so this is goodbye

ok - its not my usual fare but i have to say this album is captivating. It's hard to describe the precise, lamenting, rhythmic pop that is almost disco - but without being icky... but i guess i just did.

available on:
Junior Boys - So This Is Goodbye


mojo's photo-tour of sandpoint

this is my couch

here is me walking my human

sometimes we walk into town...

i like town - there are people and things to smell

here is me striking a pose on the trail

sometimes we go to the dog beach...

happy trails...


new years

i like snow


roots - game theory

heard this today, fantastic. if you don't think there is good hip-hop out there you listen to the radio too much and mtv is not a good source for "new" music. this should cure you.
available on:
The Roots - Game Theory