woot contest #104

work is quite slow today - as you might expect being the friday after xmas and before new years. grog fighting with mortgage people over house. decide to put off everything till grogette return form rome. grog will entertain home buying advice if anyone has.

since grog bored grod enter photoshop contest at woot.com - a great site if you don't know it check it out. me buy roomba not to long ago for half normal price - it work good. but more on that later...



sufjan stevens - songs for christmas

a very good album even for those of us that are not big christmas music fans. sufjan has put out a self-made cd for the last few years for friends and family. this release allows us in to his circle of trust, a good place to be.
available on:
Sufjan Stevens - Sufjan Stevens: Songs for Christmas



bah humbug

grogette and i just collectively our lack of seasonal spirit has been due less to the chaos of the move and the ache of being apart and more form one simple missing piece to our twisted sense of yule-tide joy.

the solution arrived today courtesy of Netflix.com (mecca of the lazy) the greatest christmas movie of all time: National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

grogette sez -
it just isnt xmas till I hear "Shitter was Full!"


one of the big reasons we moved to the middle of nowhere was because where else in the world can you find land 15 minutes from your work at a reasonable cost... here are a few we are looking at:


and if you are wondering - yes I am trying to entice more people to relocate here...



i da ho

greetings from sunny Idaho (not kidding here -- its cold but sunny and beautiful).

grog, mojo and jeep make it up here (2000+ miles in 2 days and change) but jeep broke after 2 days of 4-wheel drive and snow. take jeep to shop - week later jeep fixed and grog 1200 shiny pebbles poorer.

so its been a while since me live in small town so me no have internet yet - (tribulations with DSL) - I will break radio silence once I am back online - for now THE internet cafe hosting this session...