preschool for marketing

grog want to use grogette's experience teaching toddlers in corporate life.
grog particularly interested in using on marketing people but would work on anyone.

Important phrases for use:

"Jimmy, it appears you have urinated on me again. What should we be doing instead."

"Susie, i can not understand 'Bwagganaaaaaaaa SHfooooomb' - I need you to use your words to tell me whats wrong."

"Bobbie - I can't help you right now Freddie is covered in feces."

"We don't push. Pushing hurts."

"I really like the powerpoint you put together, did you make that for your mommy?"

"My name is grog, not 'meanie' or 'stupid'."

"Johnny, can you put away your work when you are done?"

"Can we use our inside voice please?"

* G-unit


fun with phonics

grog pee self laughing - try dialectizer on your blog... or cnn... or...


Grog find new religion


* Grog love internet.


corporate censorship

grog hate corporate firewall. grog favorite sites blocked. grog no design good without entertainment.


grog plug sites grog no can visit. hope readers make up for traffic grog no provide to fine companies:
  1. www.kexp.org - grog primitive vocabulary no can express how fucking awesome this station is... grog is card carrying member even though no can listen at work
  2. www.harleydavidson.com - grog say harley davidson is case study of brand loyalty... what other logo people tattoo on body?
  3. www.woot.com - grog enter photoshop contest, no win, but buy stuff anyway.

* grog feel better now.

Ceci n'est pas une caveman

some wonder what grog look like - me post portrait. * grog


caveman dating?

grog offered interview for art director for a dating website.

simple caveman internal monologue questions viability of another instinct-driven-time-saving-web-based-thingamajig even if help people make two humped dinosaur.

conversely, it is a dot-com and has advantages over the monolith that is grogs current employer

aside: grog may be caveman but grog no stupid enough to mention employers name. grog may think corporation stupid for not having flash on website until april 2007, but grog also know IT/Security is bored and overpaid.

* grog