muddin' OR the jeep ad

We finally found a couple of big 300 gallon tanks to use for our rainwater collection. We rented a trailer and drove 2 hours to Spokane to get them. We loaded them in the trailer and when we tried to get back on the road we got stuck in the mud up to the top of the wheels. We had to call a tow truck to get out. After he pulled us out (did not take much). I floored it past the tow truck to get through the rest of the field, When I looked back he was not moving and spinning his wheels. So we traded places and my little jeep pulled the trailer, and the tow truck out of the mud.


i can't make this stuff up

this is an unmolested screenshot from my gmail account... note the # of spam emails... the power of google compells you...


mojo hates jehovah's witnesses

not only does she bark furiously at them - she destroys their literature...

first ride

the roads are finally clear, even though there are still piles of snow on the ground. so I brought the bike out of her deep sleep today, complete with her new seats that i made during the long time off two wheels. felt good to ride again, though a bit brisk...

** update ** Glad i came back when i did it just started to snow again...


truck die, no come back

RIP, you were a good truck.
fortunately i only paid $500 for her in the first place, and sold it for $200... so not too bad...
now we are really yuppie scum, bought mel a Volvo cross country turbo wagon for Valentines day... she loves it, I can't drive it because i feel like a soccer mom.


feels like summer

got to un-thaw for a minute in Santa Barbara on a photo shoot. sun good.



sorry pretty much abandoned this page for facebook - but a few updates will follow



found this on our local website, gotta love this town. we have not visited wally-world much this last year, for a very few (I counted 4) one item no-one-else-that-is-open-on-a-sunday-has-it things (like bubble lights for the christmas tree). And the results from these trips... inevitably disappointing, cheap products that don't last for shit, scarily bad customer service and a lingering headache that appears upon entry to the store.

i'm with this writer, with a little forethought, better planning and a willingness to make *gasp* 2 stops in town 2008 will be entirely Wal-Mart free for us. I encourage you all to do the same, believe it our not I think it is easier to do this here than it was in Dallas... at least we HAVE stores that are not chains...

How to Avoid Wal-Mart