okkervil river - stage names

representing austin texas stage names (and predictably the dramatic, facetious opener "our life is not a movie but maybe") single bemoan the lack the the usual epic story-lines, plot twists and dramatic cinematography in daily routine of what will schreff calls his "mid-level band".

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Okkervil River - The Stage Names


grog commute

key stats:
start: driveway...

turning out of driveway: views of ski resort in distance...

riding the highway: lots of bugs

end: covered parking and private entrance


bright eyes - cassadaga

omaha’s connor oberst's latest attempt is pleasently confused, perhaps almost spiritual in an ecclectic-crystal-swinging kinda way with a gloss of indie-pop over muddy depths. not surprisingly inspired (in part or whole?) by the town of cassadaga florida.

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who's house? grog house..

part 2... the crib

Ok these first pictures are from when we moved in back in march... still some snow on the ground back then. But no worries its been in the 80's and 90's for the last two months... I'll let mojo show you around...

This is my crib - my people bought it just for me. Come on inside.

This is the living room - its where my couch is...

...and the stairs to the bedroom where I sleep.

so you've seen my house and my couch... now you have to get out of here...

grog work

sorry been gone long - just got internet at home - dialup only but internet at least. Me divide my update up into a few parts....

Part 1 work...

Work good. never a dull moment. been working on too many things to mention or list here but grog favorites have been working on the creative direction for Spring, Summer and Fall 2008 and our Manhattan flagship store opening at 68th and 3rd (which is this week). me have pictures of the barricade that grog design for the store while it under construction - by far the largest project grog ever do - 20ft tall and 300 feet long... its freaking huge...


Overdue update...

Melissa is finally up here in North Idaho and settling in, she is a nanny this summer for a family who has an organic farm up the road from us. We are working on getting her own classroom together but progress has been slow so far. I am doing quite well at work and have been keeping busy working on the house and property. We have had a few visits at our new house, but always welcome more. It is really quite spectacular up here, in any season I have seen so far. This summer has been warm and dry – 80’s and 90’s, even some 100’s off and on but the lake, trees and the mountain rivers keep us cool.

Willie Nelson in his infinite wisdom decided to have his 4th of July Picnic out of Texas for the first time in 20 years or so... At the Gorge Amphitheater, not 3 hours from us in Washington. So of course we went and saw the man himself perform.